Our technicians are trained to only the highest standards and professionalism. This ensures that your life-support equipment operates at its peak efficiency and performance. 


Working to the highest standards

Over the past 30 years we have established a reputation for providing high-quality servicing of dive equipment. Our fully trained technicians carry out servicing to the specifications of the leading manufacturers, using only genuine spare parts.

Our technicians keep up-to-date by attending the manufacturers’ servicing courses and are qualified to service the entire range of diving equipment, including regulators, Rebreathers, BCDs, computers and dry suits.

We stock the diving industries top brands, including:

Gas Prices

up to 232 barup to 7 Lup to 15 L
EAN 32£12.00£15.00
EAN 36£13.00£17.00
EAN 40£15.00£19.00
EAN 50£18.00£22.00
EAN 80£20.00£27.00
100% Oxygen£24.00£35.00

Air to 300 bar up to 12 litre cylinder – £15

Air Fills

We have installed a state-of-the-art compressor and nitrox-blending unit which enables us to fill mixes of up to 40% directly to the cylinder, while mixes of between 40% and 99% are achieved through partial pressure blending. This, together with our ability to store large quantities of double-filtered air to 350 bar, means we can offer our customers a faster and reliable service.

Regulator Servicing

Servicing is carried out to the manufacturer’s specifications using genuine spare parts and carries a 45-day guarantee on workmanship. Turnaround times are usually 4 to 7 days, depending on the availability of parts.

Pressure Testing

We have the ability to pressure test larger items such as camera housings, torches and the larger screen dive computer. The test can be carried out up to 10 ATA.

Test Prices

Visual test & valve service£42.00
Hydro test & valve service£52.00
O2 clean with cylinder test£20.00
Eddy current test (aluminium)£30.00
O2 cleaning£30.00
Internal shot blasting£32.00
Manifold servicing£15.00
External paintingPOA
Tank failure£15.00
Twin set assembly£20.00

Cylinder Testing

Dive 90 is approved to inspect cylinders by the Inspectorate for Diving Equipment Servicing and Testing (IDEST). Cylinder inspection and testing is carried out in accordance with BS EN 1968 (steel cylinders), BS EN 1802 (aluminium cylinders) and BS EN ISO 11623 (composite cylinders).

Tanks for diving must be tested visually every 2.5 years and hydrostatically every 5 years. Tanks for surface use, for example, air rifles, require a test every 5 years.

BCD and Wing Servicing

All manufacturers recommend an annual inspection and servicing of their BCDs to ensure optimum performance. We service and inspect all makes of BCDs and wings according to the manufacturers’ specifications using genuine spare parts. Our service includes dismantling the BCD inflator and cleaning the component parts by ultrasound before reassembly. We can also repair and replace webbing and Velcro sections on BCDs and other equipment.


Our service technicians have undergone manufacturers’ training courses and are qualified to change batteries and pressure-test dive computers and watches from most of the popular makes, including Suunto, Mares, Oceanic, Uwatec and Citizen.

Repair Prices

Latex Neck Seal£65.00
Latex Cuff Seal£32.50
Latex Sock£90
Zip ReplacementFrom £280
Boots ReplacementFrom £200
Leak RepairFrom £12.50
Full Pressure Test£35
Neoprene Neck SealPOA
Neoprene Cuff SealPOA
Valve ServiceFrom £15
Additional Valve FittedFrom £35

Dry Suit Repairs

How ever well you care for your dry suit, the cuffs, dumps, seals and zips will deteriorate over time. To keep your dry suit in perfect working order, we use high-quality materials to make repairs and replace parts.

Poseidon Rebreather Servicing

The innovative Poseidon Mk6 and Mk7 recreational or technical rebreather requires an in-depth service and reset every two years. We have an experienced servicing technician in-house who can service, repair or software up-date your rebreather to Poseidon’s exacting standards. All parts used during this service are genuine Poseidon service parts.

Full service covers the following:

  • Thorough cleaning and inspection of all components for wear or damage
  • Full service of the oxygen & diluent first stages
  • Replacement of all O rings, including the breathing loop 
  • Full service of the Bail-Out-Valve/Diver-Supply Valve
  • Update to current firmware
  • Reset of factory service interval countdown clock.

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